Our Production Units

Press Shop

Our metal press department is appropriate for production at a range expanding from 5 tons to 300 tons.

Molding Room

Tekbay Molding Department has installation to easily meet all contract…


Quality Molds and Outstanding Production Power Increased environmental sensitivities in the…


For detailed information about plastic bloating…


For detailed information about serigraphy…

Machine Track

Production of plastic parts between 0.5 gr and 2.5 kg…

Pet Pref

For detailed information about Pet Pref…

Our Products

Our Modern Machine Park, Specialist Team and Experience may convert the production of metal equipment, which is basic input of the industry, into an ordinary business.

Our specialist, white-collar and blue-collar personnel considering customer satisfaction as dominant value is our guarantee for delivering incoming orders from the companies, to which we provide services as a solution partner, full, complete and in time.

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We continue to provide services in our current plants built on total 8.500 m2 area with 4.500 m2 indoor area in order to respond to gradually increasing demands and capacity needs of our works targeting on quality and customer satisfaction by renewing our technology.

We have proved our specialty in foreign markets by making following developments in the world in place and time as one of the most fundamental principles of us and we have reached export potential nearly half of our total production in current time course.

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